Learning and Development Practitioner Apprenticeship - Level 3

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Learning and Development (L&D) Practitioners play a key role in organizations, involved in identifying training needs, designing or sourcing learning solutions, delivering training, and evaluating its effectiveness. They focus on the practical delivery of training, drawing on expertise in technical, vocational, or behavioural fields.

The role aligns learning with business objectives, encompassing the entire training and learning cycle. L&D Practitioners can specialize in areas like learning design, e-learning, or digital/blended learning, staying future-focused and understanding the business context. Found across various sectors, the role collaborates with HR specialists and may involve working with Subject Matter Experts to enhance workplace performance at different levels.


Key Information


18 month programme followed by a 5-month End Point Assessment phase. 

Funding Options.

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy this is 100% funded at £6,000.   
a maximum £300 (5% contribution) for a non-levy employer.



Expertise in Learning and Development (L&D)

Possesses foundational knowledge of adult learning theories, group dynamics, and evaluation methods, staying updated on the latest learning practices and integrating diversity and inclusion principles.

Business and Commercial Understanding

Demonstrates awareness of the organization's structure, values, and external market, considering factors like the shift to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 and the need for a just transition.

L&D Function

Recognizes various roles within the L&D structure, understanding individual responsibilities and the importance of policies and processes for effective organizational learning.

Management Information and Technology

Appreciates the role of data in analyzing learning needs, utilizing internal information systems, and understanding how technology supports learning, including digital platforms and delivery channels.




Identification of Training or Learning Needs

Utilize sound questioning and active listening skills to understand learning requirements, analyze information, consult with stakeholders, and take ownership through resolution, considering factors like the shift to a net-zero carbon economy.

Training/Learning Design

Design, construct, and structure resources for various needs, researching delivery options, planning programs, selecting delivery methods, and creating engaging, inclusive learning activities for face-to-face, blended, and digital environments.

Training/Learning Delivery

Confidently engage learners, plan and organize training events, interact with learners of varying abilities, facilitate learning in different environments, monitor progress, manage behaviors, and use coaching skills to achieve objectives.



Evaluate the impact of learning solutions, measure effectiveness, and build mechanisms for learning outcomes, utilizing quantitative and qualitative feedback to continuously improve learning solutions.

Communication and Interpersonal

Communicate and influence through various media, adapting styles to the audience, build trust and relationships with customers/learners/colleagues, and handle conflict and sensitive situations professionally.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Consistently support colleagues, collaborate within the team, and build strong working relationships with L&D, HR, and the wider business to achieve results.


Constant and Curious Learner

Proactively seek to understand and learn, show interest in new ideas, take feedback, identify areas for self-development, and exhibit a willingness to explore and learn something new.

Collaborative Partner

Consider the needs of others alongside the business, act with integrity, demonstrate organizational values, deliver outcomes through co-design, and exhibit a willingness to question and challenge appropriately.

Passionate and Agile Deliverer

Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for work, prioritize delivering the best learning outcomes, respond flexibly to changing business and learner needs, maintain personal resilience, and exhibit confidence in delivery.



Who is it the Learning and Development Practitioner Apprenticeship (Level 3) suitable for?


  • Those passionate about helping others learn, grow and develop within an organisational setting
  • Individuals skilled in planning and executing learning programs while retaining an attention to detail
  • Professionals from different backgrounds looking to transition into a career focused on training and learning

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