Credit controller and collector Level 2


A first step into the world of credit management

Credit management is a dynamic function present in various sectors of UK and international commerce, offering diverse and interesting specializations. Roles in credit management and collections play a central role in operations by establishing policies, supporting sales, handling financial risks, and managing customer relationships. These roles are crucial in safeguarding cash flow and facilitating overall business activities.

In commercial teams, professionals' shoulder significant responsibilities, overseeing high-value accounts. The roles are fast-paced and target-driven, demanding a comprehensive understanding of laws, regulations, and the business environment. Successful practitioners in credit management possess excellent technical and interpersonal skills. Choosing a career in credit management and collections can be rewarding for individuals who are self-motivated and enthusiastic, as it involves a varied role at the heart of operational activities.

Key Information


12 month programme followed by a 3-month End Point Assessment phase.

Funding options.

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy this is 100% funded at £5,000.
a maximum £250 (5% contribution) if you are a non-levy employer.




  • Credit Management - Comprehensive understanding of credit management and collections principles, including knowledge of organizational policies, credit terms, and methods for handling vulnerable customers.
  • Regulatory and Compliance - Extensive knowledge of the legal, regulatory, risk, and compliance framework, with a focus on role-specific requirements such as credit management policies, data protection, and anti-money laundering measures.
  • Industry and Organization Understanding - Awareness of professional standards, organizational values, and a clear understanding of the organization's nature, priorities, and the role's position within it.

  • Products and Services - Broad understanding of the organization's products and services, coupled with knowledge of how the role supports and contributes to the delivery of these offerings.
  • Systems and Processes - Familiarity with the systems, tools, and processes used in the role, along with a commitment to meeting standards, including proficiency in relevant IT tools.



  • Service Delivery - Provides excellent customer service, adhering to organizational processes, and contributing to individual and team objectives.
  • Work Planning - Organizes accounts, meets deadlines, and takes ownership of tasks, including addressing potential debt risks.
  • Teamwork - Consistently supports colleagues, collaborates for results, and maintains positive relationships within teams and other business areas.
  • Communication and Relationship Building -Communicates effectively with customers and colleagues through various channels, adapting styles and handling difficult situations professionally.

  • Negotiation and Decision Making - Works with customers to find mutually acceptable solutions to credit issues within organizational guidelines.
  • Continuous Improvement - Identifies and implements opportunities to enhance work practices.
  • Personal Development - Seeks feedback for performance improvement, takes ownership of development, and stays updated with relevant changes.





  • Honesty & Integrity - Acts truthfully, sincerely, and trustworthy, demonstrating integrity by consistently doing the right thing.
  • Maintains appropriate confidentiality at all times.
  • Flexibility - Adapts positively to changing work priorities and patterns, readily embracing new tasks or adjusting to changing requirements.
  • Resilience - Displays energy and enthusiasm in performing their role, and deals positively with setbacks, staying positive under pressure.



Who is it the Credit Controller and Collector Apprenticeship (Level 2) suitable for?


  • Those working in administrative roles or similar fields who wish to pivot into financial, credit control or debt collection roles
  • School leavers looking to establish foundational skills for a career in finance
  • Those interested in the regulatory aspects of finance and wishing to gain hands-on experience

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