Business Administrator Apprenticeship 
Level 3

Become the backbone of any business

Business administrators possess a versatile set of knowledge, skills, and behaviours applicable across various sectors, encompassing small and large businesses, the public and private sectors, and charitable organizations. The role entails working independently or collaboratively, focusing on developing, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing administrative services. Business administrators cultivate essential skills and behaviors for advancing into managerial roles.

Responsibilities involve supporting and engaging with different parts of the organization, interacting with internal or external customers, and adding value to enhance organizational efficiency. The business administrator's role requires flexibility and responsiveness, fostering the development of a diverse skill set. Efficient and integrity-driven delivery of responsibilities with a positive attitude is expected. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, proactive skill development, initiative, effective time management, problem-solving, decision-making, and potential people management responsibilities through mentoring or coaching are integral aspects of the role.


Key Information


18 Month programme followed by a 3-month End Point Assessment phase.

Funding options.

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy this is 100% funded at £5,000.   
a maximum £250 (5% contribution)if you are a non-levy employer.



The Organisation

Understands organizational purpose, activities, aims, values, vision for the future, resources, and the impact of the political/economic environment.

Value of Their Skills

Knows organizational structure, understands how their work benefits the organization, recognizes their role within the team, and understands how their skills contribute to career progression.


Demonstrates practical knowledge of managing internal and external stakeholders, including customers, clients, and suppliers, engaging and fostering relationships with partners both within and outside the UK.

Relevant Regulation

Understands laws and regulations relevant to their role, including data protection, health & safety, compliance, and supports the company in applying these regulations.


Understands internal and key business policies related to the sector.

Business Fundamentals

Grasps business principles like managing change, business finances, and project management.


Understands organizational processes, reviews them autonomously, suggests improvements, and applies a solutions-based approach to enhance business processes, including billing, invoice processing, and purchase orders.

External Environment Factors

Understands relevant external factors, such as market forces, policy changes, and the global market impact on the employing organization.




Proficient in multiple IT packages (e.g., MS Office) to perform tasks such as writing emails, creating proposals, conducting financial processes, and analysing data. Chooses the most suitable IT solution for business problems and updates and reviews databases.

Record and Document Production

Produces accurate records and documents, including emails, letters, files, payments, reports, and proposals. Recommends improvements, presents solutions to management, drafts correspondence, writes reports, maintains records, and handles confidential information.

Decision Making

Demonstrates proactivity and good judgment, making effective decisions based on sound reasoning. Seeks advice when needed and deals with challenges in a mature way.

Interpersonal Skills

Builds and maintains positive relationships within the team and across the organization, influencing and challenging appropriately. Becomes a role model, developing coaching skills as they gain area knowledge.


Demonstrates good communication skills across various channels, answering questions from inside and outside the organization and representing the organization or department effectively.


Completes tasks to a high standard, continuously improving work, reviewing processes autonomously, making suggestions for improvements, and sharing best practices across the organization.

Planning and Organisation

Takes responsibility for initiating and completing tasks, manages priorities and time effectively, positively manages expectations, suggests improvements to working practices, manages resources, organizes meetings and events, and handles logistics.

Project Management

Uses relevant project management principles and tools to scope, plan, monitor, and report. Plans required resources for successful project delivery and undertakes and leads projects as needed.





Behaves professionally, considering personal presentation, respect, diversity, punctuality, and attitude toward colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. Adheres to the organization's social media code of conduct, acts as a role model, contributes to team cohesion, and respectfully challenges inappropriate cultures.

Personal Qualities

Demonstrates exemplary qualities such as integrity, reliability, self-motivation, proactiveness, and a positive attitude. Motivates others when responsibilities are shared.

Managing Performance

Takes responsibility for own work, accepts feedback positively, uses initiative, and shows resilience. Takes charge of personal development, knows when to seek guidance, and informs the line manager upon task completion. Performs thorough self-assessments and adheres to organizational procedures.


Adapts to changing priorities in both personal work and organizational needs.


Takes responsibility for team performance and project quality, showing a clear interest in successful project completion and appropriate handling of customer requests. Takes initiative to develop personal and team skills and behaviours.



Who is it the Administrator Apprenticeship (Level 3) suitable for?


  • School leavers or graduate looking for an entry point into the professional world
  • Those transitioning from other fields, looking to pursue an administrative career
  • Those looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break and need a refresher

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