Accounts or Finance Assistant Apprenticeship -  Level 2

Equip yourself with the tools for tomorrow's accounting

An Accounts or Finance Assistant plays a crucial role in maintaining an efficient and accurate finance function within a business, supporting accountants with various junior accounting tasks. These tasks can range widely based on team structure and business size, encompassing activities such as basic bookkeeping, managing sales and purchase ledgers, conducting calculations for accurate records and payments, and handling cash and data entry.

Accounts or Finance Assistants are versatile and can be employed in various sectors, including corporate businesses, sole traders, partnerships, the public sector, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions. They may work in-house for an organization or be employed by an accountancy firm, bookkeeping practice, Shared Service provider, or operate independently, serving multiple clients.


Key Information


12 month programme followed by a 6-month End Point Assessment phase.

Funding options.

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy this is fully funded at £6,000.     
a maximum £300 (5% contribution) if you are a non-levy employer.




General Business

Awareness of commercial law elements, such as contracts, data protection, and Anti Money Laundering, affecting accountancy work, with the ability to explain codes of conduct and understand legal entities and organizational structures.

Understanding Your Organization

Understanding one's role within the organization, familiarity with transactional processes of accounting, and awareness of factors contributing to a business or organization's success.

Accounting Systems and Processes

Understanding how accounting systems track financial transactions, knowledge of routine accounts reports, and basics of internal control within the organization.

Basic Accounting

Awareness of fundamental accountancy concepts, proficiency in double entry bookkeeping, understanding bookkeeping controls, cost recording systems, and differentiation between Financial and Management Accounting.

Ethical Standards

Understanding corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethics, and sustainability in organizations, and recognizing the importance of staying updated on relevant policies, procedures, and regulatory changes.




Attention to Detail

Examines data to identify issues, reconciles data to minimize errors, plans and reviews work, and promptly recognizes and rectifies errors.


Effectively deals with various stakeholders using appropriate communication methods, avoids jargon, employs correct technical  

Uses Systems and Processes

Utilizes relevant office and accounting software for accurate data input and management, ensuring the security of accounting information through appropriate security measures.

Personal Effectiveness

Organizes oneself, prioritizes workload to meet deadlines, actively identifies and offers support for team workload problems, and demonstrates the ability to understand issues beyond one's own remit




Supports colleagues, collaborates for results, builds working relationships within the team and across the organization, and is aware of the impact on others.

Personal Development

Successfully implements required changes, demonstrates ongoing commitment to learning and self-improvement, and actively seeks feedback to improve performance.


Behaves professionally by adhering to the organizational code of conduct, adopting a 'right first time' approach, showing integrity, and expressing personal pride in the job through appropriate dress and positive language.

Customer Focus

Builds and maintains customer satisfaction with products and services, adhering to company policy, regulations, and practices, and consistently delivers excellent service while identifying and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.




Who is it the Accounts or Finance Assistant Apprenticeship (Level 2) suitable for?


  • Those looking for valuable hands-on experience and practical knowledge in accounting, financial recordkeeping and administration
  • Individuals looking to pursue a career in financial assistance, accounting or bookkeeping
  • Those looking to transition into a career in finance who require a foundation to build off of

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